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Lampu Obstruction/Obstivision PHILIPS OBL XGP388

ObstiVision LED obstacle light − the promise of a safe journey ObstiVision XGP338

A dedicated maintenance-free
obstacle light for aviation warning
purposes. Light emitting diode
(LED) technology is chosen to be
the light source of this product.
ObstiVision is suitable to be used
as a Low Intensity,Type A
obstacle light according to ICAO
standards.Type B obstacle light
with higher intensity is also
available upon request.
Product Compliance
International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO) standards
and recommended practices -
Aerodromes Annex 14 Volume 1,
3rd edition, July 1999, Chapter 6
Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) standard
Main application
Telecommunication towers
Tall buildings
Power transmission towers
• Extremely long lamp life of
100,000 hours
• Energy savings of up to 95%
• Quick pay-back period of 1
year or less
Technical descriptions
•Yellow powder painted highpressure
die-cast aluminium
• Clear glass cover – 5mm thick
• Stainless steel plate to support
LED unit
•Operating temperature =
-40°C to +70°C
• IP65
• Wind load at 200 km/hr of less
than 40 Newton force
• Threaded base for 1 inch in
diameter size of pipe (other size
can be applied with the reducer
or enlarger)

• Standard type using nominal
operating voltage of 48Vdc or
220-240Vac; 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc
systems are available upon
•Terminal block for 2 x 1.5mm2
• Power consumption: 5W for
48Vdc version and 7W for 220
240Vac version
• Constant current 100mA
• Surge protection device
integrated: according to Institute
of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers (IEEE) requirement
• Luminous intensity of greater
than 10 cd for low intensity
type A obstacle light (low
intensity type B obstacle light is
available upon request and has
luminous intensity of greater
than 32 cd)
•Horizontal radiation coverage
• Vertical radiation coverage 50°
• Color: aviation red, choice of
fixed or flashed light
Installation and mounting
• Pipe installation: the standard
luminaire comes with threaded
base – ready to be installed
with threaded pipe of 1 inch in
diameter (other size of pipe –
use standard reducer or
•To attach ObstiVision with
existing attenna / pipe or wall
mounted installation, the
mounting kit is required.
• Control box
• Photo switch and sensor
• Mounting accessories (please
check with your local Philips
• 3-way and 4-way junction box
for through-wiring
• Solar cell

Type Description Ordering Number
XGP388 48Vdc A ObstiVision 48Vdc 9199 186 76132
XGP388 48Vdc AF ObstiVision 48Vdc with flasher 9199 186 76032
XGP388 220-240Vac A ObstiVision 220-240Vac 9199 186 77132
XGP388 220-240Vac AF ObstiVision 220-240Vac with flasher 9199 186 77032
ZGB388 48Vdc T Control box 48Vdc with timer 9199 186 72032
ZGB388 48Vdc P Control box 48Vdc with photo switch 9199 186 72132
ZGB388 220-240Vac T Control box 220-240Vac with timer 9199 186 72232
ZGB388 220-240Vac P Control box 220-240Vac with photo switch 9199 186 72332
ZGP388 TW3 3-way throughwiring junction box 9199 186 71032
ZGP388 TW4 4-way throughwiring junction box 9199 186 71132
ZPP388 Mounting Kit - pipe installation 9199 186 70032
ZVB388 Mounting Kit - building top installation 9199 186 70132
ZWB388 Mounting Kit - wall mounted installation 9199 186 70232
Standard execution in 220 volts, 50 Hz.


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