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Tango LED BVP281, BVP282 & BVP283

Tango LED is a general purpose LED flood lighting luminiare for various lighting applications, such as area lighting, bill board, fa├žade, industry area, and other general applications. The Tango LED flood light incorporates LED light source, optical system, heat sink and driver into one compact housing. Its specially designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality ensures reliability and long lifetime. Tango LED takes advantage of LED technology which provides energy savings and a longer lifetime,
bringing area lighting into a new era.

Features & Benefits
Energy saving: system efficacy reaches 90lm/w, which gives more than 40% of energy saving when compared to conventional floodlight
Free from lamp replacement: Lifetime reaches 50,000 hours at L70, which requires no lamp replacement after installation
Low maintenance cost: IP65 housing ensures low maintenance with no need for internal cleaning, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership
Flexibility on lighting application: Optical beam choice of wide, medium, symmetric and asymmetric fulfils majority needs of lighting application
Good reliability: Painted non-corrosive die-cast aluminum housing and steel bracket gives extra strength when the luminaire is installed in a rough environment
Easy installation and maintenance: Universal “U” shape mounting bracket.


Tango LED
Light source
High Power LED
Power requirement
220-240V 50/60Hz
Power factor
Power Consumption
190W; 230W; 270W
LED driver & driving current
Constant current at 700mA
System lumen output
17,000; 21,000; 25,000 lumen
Color temperature
5700K ± 500K / 4000K ± 500K
Materials and finishing
Housing: Die-cast aluminum
Gasket: Heat resistant silicone rubber
Glass: Tempered glass
Housing Colour: Grey Aluminium RAL9007
50,000 hours
(70% lumen maintenance @ Ta = 35°C)
Universal Bracket
Dimensions (LxBxH)
583 x 488 x 91mm
IP65; IK07; Class I; RoHS
Operating Temperature
-20oC to 35oC (Outdoor)
Surge protection
DALI & 1-10V Dimming options

Tango LED 2 - Small Housing
911401635202BVP281 LED40/NW 40W 220-240V SWB4000 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401634302BVP281 LED40/NW 40W 220-240V AMB4000 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401634102BVP281 LED80/NW 80W 220-240V SWB8000 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401634402BVP281 LED80/NW 80W 220-240V AMB8000 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401634202BVP281 LED120/NW 120W 220-240V SWB12000 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401634502BVP281 LED120/NW 120W 220-240V AMB12000 lumen asymmetric medium beam
Tango LED Gen 2 - Medium Housing
911401666302BVP282 LED160/NW 160W 220-240V SWB16000 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401666902BVP282 LED160/NW 160W 220-240V AMB16000 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401666202BVP282 LED200/NW 200W 220-240V SWB20000 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401666802BVP282 LED200/NW 200W 220-240V AMB20000 lumen asymmetric medium beam
Tango LED Gen 2 - Big Housing
911401669802BVP283 LED245/NW 245W 220-240V SWB24500 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401671302BVP283 LED245/NW 245W 220-240V AWB24500 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401669702BVP283 LED280/NW 280W 220-240V SWB28000 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401671202BVP283 LED280/NW 280W 220-240V AWB28000 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401669602BVP283 LED315/NW 315W 220-240V SWB31500 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401671102BVP283 LED315/NW 315W 220-240V AWB31500 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401669502BVP283 LED335/NW 335W 220-240V SWB33500 lumen asymmetric medium beam
911401671002BVP283 LED335/NW 335W 220-240V AWB33500 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401689502BVP283 LED355/NW 350W 220-240V SWB35500 lumen symmetric wide beam
911401689202BVP283 LED355/NW 350W 220-240V AWB35500 lumen asymmetric medium beam

912300023121 BVP651 50K/740 OS ALU Clearflood large, 50000 Lm , lamp color 740, safety class I, symetric optic
912300023122 BVP651 55K/740 OS ALU Clearflood large, 55000 Lm , lamp color 740, safety class I, symetric optic
912300023123 BVP651 60K/740 OS ALU Clearflood large, 60000 Lm , lamp color 740, safety class I, symetric optic 
912300023124 BVP651 65K/740 OS ALU Clearflood large, 65000 Lm , lamp color 740, safety class I, symetric optic 

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