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PHILIPS BRP210 LED23/CW 18W 220-240V DW3 MP1

Written By Distributor Lampu Philips PT Savont Varavi IND on Sabtu, 24 September 2016 | 02.26.00


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The Philips StreetStar LED luminaire brings visually arresting brilliance and safety to local road and residential lighting projects. An optimized, long-lasting, and reliable solution that meets maximized operations and maintenance savings, this luminaire is the perfect synergy of performance, features, and value that will light up your way. StreetStar is designed to perfectly fit one-to-one retrofit projects while catering to all lighting requirements. It provides crisp, brilliant light that surpasses existing HID and fluorescent luminaire performance while offering a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Backed by the Philips reliability promise, StreetStar ensures mechanical strength and excellent thermal performance, providing continuous operation and unparalleled safety and protection. StreetStar is the perfect cost-effective solution for any city, municipality, and utility lighting projects that need optimum quality, performance, and low maintenance.

• Optimal light quality. Lighting consistency that outperforms current HID and fluorescent luminaire. 
• Reliable performance. Backed by Philips quality standards to ensure durability and functionality. 
• Meets standard lighting specifications. Competitive option for low lumen package street lighting that meets all IEC 60598 requirements.
• Easy to install. Compact design for quick and easy point-topoint replacement of fluorescent and HID street lights. 
• Long lasting, low maintenance, and cost-effective. Low-power LED lighting with long lifespan to provide significant cost savings.

• 2,000 to 3,000 lumen package (5700K and 4000K) with DW3 wide beam optics for crisp, brilliant light 
• High-pressure die-cast housing to ensure mechanical strength and good thermal performance 
• Rated for IP66 and IK08 protection to ensure continuous operation 
• Pre-wired power cable and assembly of input connector for easy and safe installation 
• High-quality components that are IEC 60598-certified for higher ambient temperature 
• Operating lifespan of 50,000 hours for components and driver 
• Available in AC and DC (Solar version)

• Local and rural roads 
• City streets 
• Residential streets 
• Bridges and overpasses

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